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Do-It-Yourself Tutorials

Let The Electrical Experts At McKinleyville Ace Show You How It’s Done

How To Install A Dimmer Switch

Installing a dimmer switch is a great way to save energy or to add ambiance into any room. Use a universal dimmer to get the best performance out of modern dimmable lightbulbs. Follow the instructions in this video to safely install a single pull dimmer.

How to Choose LED Bulbs…Simplified

Learn the simplest ways to choose LED light bulbs. These tips from Ace simplify all the technical terms. Instead of decoding how to convert watts to lumens and demystifying what kelvins are, you’ll get helpful advice to start saving time, money and energy right away. Think of it as a guide to buying LED Light Bulbs – unplugged.

How to Wire an Electrical Outlet

This video shows the basic fundamentals for wiring a standard 110V electrical outlet in North America.